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Server UpgradeJun 30th 2016
Just a quick notice that the server hosting Imperial is going through some software upgrades and configuration which may result in a some minor downtime and slow connection speeds. Hopefully this shouldn't go on for too long and I'll let everyone know once this process is complete
Posted by: Dead Eye

Merry ChristmasDec 24th 2014
Merry Christmas all and Happy Holidays as well as a Happy New Year
Posted by: Dead Eye

Down TimeSep 28th 2014
So some server upgrades unfortunately took the site down for a bit. Although the domain got sorted relatively fast for most people, the site doesnt load properly for me except for on my mobile. So it has taken me a bit to patch the SQL error but you should all be able to login now :)
Posted by: Dead Eye

Winter-een-masJan 5th 2014
Now that the new year is here, its time for the Winter-een-mas season to commence! It's the annual holiday for gamers to celebrate everything to do with games, from the latest next-gen blockbuster, to table-top classics and everything in between.

The season runs for the entire of January (sort of how Christmas runs for the entirety of December) but is officially celebrated during the last 7 days of January: the 25th to the 31st

So happy holidays to you all and here's to wishing you many an hour of gaming fun.
Posted by: Dead Eye

Merry ChristmasDec 25th 2013
Merry Christmas to all the players of Imperial and a Happy New Year, may it be prosperous for you fleet, colonists and glory ;)
Posted by: Dead Eye

Domain NameNov 7th 2013
It happened again :(

I forgot to renew the domain, but it was partially a 3rd parties fault as well. Spent several hours being rather confused and the renewal has ended up costing 3x as much (typical) but its all sorted now and shouldn't happen again in the future.

Don't worry, if I ever plan to take the site down, you will have notice ;) If its magically unavailable then its probably an issue that I am aware of and working to fix :)
Posted by: Dead Eye

Winter-een-masJan 28th 2013
Bah, I almost forgot to post this up again.

It's the Winter-een-mas holiday season again ^^ Technically the season is all of January and the holiday is celebrated from the 25th to the 31st.

Winter-een-mas is a holiday created by gamers for gamers and is the brain-child of Tim Buckley who is the author of the fantastic online comic Ctrl+Alt+Del
Posted by: Dead Eye

Happy HolidaysDec 29th 2012
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all those still around here at Imperial. It's gotten a bit quiet again, but maybe 2013 is the year that SE takes over the internet?
Posted by: Dead Eye

CookiesMay 19th 2012
Ok, I've had to introduce an extra part to the site to conform with EU Cookie Law. As such you will need to consent to the use of Cookies being used BEFORE you are able to login to the site. There is an orange triangle on the home page that deals with this. In Firefox and Chrome this is displayed in the bottom right hand corner, however Internet Explorer has managed to place it incorrectly in the top left (not much I can do about it at the moment). An example is available here

If you continue to experience trouble, please contact myself via
Posted by: Dead Eye

Daylight SavingsMar 21st 2012
Be warned that Daylight Savings take place on 25th March. Further details available in the Discussions.
Posted by: Dead Eye

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